August 03, 2008

How many projects?

As yet another startitist attack got over me, I started two new projects.

This is the Morning Surf scarf, it's the cover pattern from the last Spin-Off issue. I had dreams of knitting this pattern with my own handspun yarn but haven't spun in a month and well, the pattern kept calling me. I am using Fleece Artist basic merino sock, their yardage isn't enough for knitting socks (for me) but I still love the yarn, so a scarf it is. It seems that we are so busy with activities (currently only mondays are free) that spinning just isn't in the cards but I know I'll get back to it, soon. I really miss spinning and I have all those sample fibers to spin up.

This is the second project, new socks for Zoe. At first I was going to start socks for Lucas but luckily he is patient. Ever since I bought Sweet Paprika yarns from the Fringe Bazaar, I've been eager to knit with it. This yarn is just SO soft, like buttery soft, it has the same feeling as Cabin Cove yarn if you ever had the chance to knit with it but it's superwash. The pattern I am working on is a modified Monkey totally inspired by Neophyte Knitter's tragic lost sock. I have knitted Monkey socks once but I didn't enjoy the stitch pattern. Now this new version of no purling is really nice, I'm tempted to knit them for myself in a solid colorway too.

I have been interested in solid colored socks all of a sudden. Currently I only have two colors, a bright cherry red and a steel grey, both from Regia. Sadly, with my 1st year in Summer Of Socks, it seems that I have lost the sock mojo. I still haven't finished a pair since the knit-along started last month. I think socks are to me just a tag along project that I can work on when the kids are doing sports and stuff. Now that summer is here, I have more time to knit projects that require a bit more attention. I don't know... There is hope though, with Twist and Knotions coming out. Have you noticed how many new sock patterns are all about twisted stitches?

August is already here, man this is when the summer vacations go downhill. What I mean is that those last few weeks will fly by too quickly, like each year. There are still great projects for us up in the air and swimming lessons are now over. Which means no more 90 minutes sitting by the pool! I am amazed at how much the kids progressed in their swimming skills in 4 weeks. Just wished we had more time in the fall for them to swim again. Too many sports not enough hours, it's that school thing that keeps getting in the way. LOL!

Posted by Jo at August 3, 2008 12:29 PM
The yarn you've chosen for Zoe's socks is lovely! Enjoy what's left of the summer vacations. Posted by: Josiane at August 3, 2008 01:46 PM
Nice sock yarn! Gorgeous photo of the flower & Big O! Posted by: Robyn at August 6, 2008 10:35 PM
oh, I really like that sock yarn, and the way the stitch pattern is playing out! Enjoy the last few weeks of summer - personally, I can't wait for the cooler autumn days, but for those of you who love summer, ENJOY! Posted by: Terri at August 8, 2008 10:33 AM